Part II: Contributing to Open Source Communities at RIT

  1. Formatting and partitioning USBs (for live booting and installing)
  2. Creating the live ISO on Windows, MacOS, and Linux
  3. Booting
    1. Live boot vs installing 
      1. Why live boot first?
        1. Check wifi, keyboard, mouse, printer, etc… 
      2. Preparing to install (missing) necessary drivers 
  4. Customization after install 
    1. Updating 
    2. Installing necessary drivers 
    3. Icon / GNOME themes

May 9th update: my installation guide is complete, so the link above will take you to the finished guide.

After my guide is complete, I will push it to TigerOS’s main documentation branch. 

I think my guide will be useful for live booting and installing many Linux distributions. I am doing my best to include the knowledge that took me years to learn, so that people encountering technical issues can effectively resolve those issues.