RIT’s Double-Major Personal Statement: Computing Security and Computer Science

RIT’s Double-Major Personal Statement: Computing Security and Computer Science


RIT’s CSEC/CS double major instruction guide asks for a one-page personal statement to be submitted along with Double Major Authorization form. The statement should include the following information:

  • Your name and contact information
  • Why you are hoping to add a Double Major in Computer Science 
  • Your academic strengths
  • Your professional goals and interests

This article includes my personal statements (names redacted) and how I wrote it. I hope this post will help students applying to double-majors at RIT.

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Contact Information

I included my contact information in the header. I formatted the document header to match my resume (click “Download Resume” to view the header). This was an easy and professional way to include my contact information in the document.

Addressing the committee

I used standard MLA format.

Double Major Committee

Department of Computer Science

17 December 2020

Double Major Personal Statement


Below is the signature I included.


Olivia A. Gallucci



I used 12 point Times New Roman font, but Arial is also acceptable.

  • Paragraph 1: Why I want to add a double major in Computer Science
  • Paragraph 2: Academic strengths
  • Paragraph 3: Professional goals and interests
  • Paragraph 4: Conclusion

My Personal Statement

I want to double major in Computing Security and Computer Science because I am extremely interested in both fields, and I want the ability to solve complex problems that overlap in computing security and computer science. Last summer, I researched current problems in the cybersecurity industry and software industry. I found that computer programmers had difficulty writing secure code, and that cybersecurity professionals could not fix insecure code because of insufficient programming knowledge. Since I enjoy cybersecurity and computer science, I decided that I should apply for a double major, so I would be able to help solve these problems. 

Last semester, I earned a 4.0 grade point average (GPA). I worked very hard, and I am extremely proud of my accomplishments at Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT). I realize that double majoring requires more effort than a single academic track. I love school, and I realize that I need to work hard in order to succeed. The combination of hard work, and a genuine love for education will enable me to be successful in a double major.  

At RIT, I have been exposed to people that work in fields where computing security and computer science intersect. In September, after multiple tests and three interviews, I was offered an internship at Deloitte’s Cyber Risk and Advisory Department. At Deloitte, I met one of my career mentors, John Doe. Mr. Doe and I have spoken about double majoring at RIT. Since Mr. Doe’s occupation requires expertise in computing security and computer science, he thought that having a formal double major was an excellent idea. I would like to work in a position that is similar to Mr. Doe’s, so I believe that double majoring will help me reach my career goals. 

In summary, I love academics, and I work very hard. These traits helped me achieve a 4.0 GPA at RIT. I believe that these traits will also enable me to be successful while pursuing a double major, and that a double major in computing security and computer science will enhance my career goals.