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2020 Photoblog

Olivia Gallucci picnicking with friends
Senior girls photo taken at the beginning of the 2019-20 school year, 2020

“Pain is temporary; GPA is forever.”

Senior Quote
FIRST Technology Challenge Robot, 2019-20
Charlie the cat, 2020
Getting a response from 2020 Presidential candidate, Andrew Yang. Also, using the word ‘graduation’ way too many times in one sentence. 2020
My robotics team winning the FIRST Technology Challenge 1st place Control Award (programming), 2020
Sotus Point Yacht Club. 2020
Crewing. Taken by Daniel Sarch at sailing practice. 2020

Accepted into Deloitte’s Cyber-Risk and Advisory internship program.

Deloitte’s U.S. National Office at 30 Rockefeller Plaza, New York City, New York

September, 2020
Graduation cap frame made by my mom and nana, 2020
Holidays, 2020
Skiing over the holidays, 2020
Handmade, Venetian mask from Nina, 2020
My robotics team winning the 1st place FIRST Technology Challenge Motivate award, 2020
Skippering. Taken by Daniel Sarch at sailing practice. 2020
A shoutout from a LCDS legend
Graduation cake. Although it is hard to tell from the picture, the entire cake was sparkly. 2020
Portrait of Richard M. Stallman, creator of Free and Open Source Software, by LÆMEUR. Glitter styling done by Olivia A. Gallucci. Used for my common app essay post. (Note: After Stallman’s numerous controversies, I find it difficult to support him now. However, at the time I wrote this essay, I was inspired by him, which is why I chose to leave this image here.) 2020
Lunch with Nina + family, 2020
Ava making challah at the beach, 2020
Cute image that my aunt sent me. I am not sure when this is from.

Portrait of Olivia Gallucci in garden, used in LNP article.

Written by Olivia Gallucci

Olivia is an honors student at the Rochester Institute of Technology. She writes about security, open source software, and professional development.