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My name is Olivia Gallucci. I am an offensive security engineer and a third-year student at the Rochester Institute of Technology. I am double-majoring in Cybersecurity and Computer Science, and minoring in Open Source Software and Free(dom) Culture.

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I lead RITSEC’s Open Source Security mentorship group. I served as the Vice President of RIT’s Women in Cybersecurity chapter and the Treasurer of RITSEC.

In my spare time, I attend political debate clubs and participate in cybersecurity competitions. I also enjoy reading reference and advice books, dystopian novels, and biographies of famous computer nerds.


Olivia Gallucci

I prefer video chats via Google Meets. Feel free to schedule one with me using ZCal.

If that is not an option, the best way to reach me is via Signal or email.

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Olivia Gallucci

I built my website in 2019, so that I could have a creative outlet. I wrote about whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. To this day, I continue to post whatever I want on my blog.

Over time, I began to spruce up my website. I enjoyed sharing media online in a format that was comfortable for me. I liked that I could stylize, arrange, and display images in different layouts, and convey ideas through the exact outline and structure I wanted.

You can learn more about the history and audience of my blog in What’s Next?: The Story of My Website.