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How Do Enrollment Dates Work at RIT

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A student’s enrollment date determines which day they get to choose their courses for next semester. At Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), early enrollment dates give students more control over which classes and professors they take.


RIT uses students’ year-levels to determine their enrollment dates. RIT defines a student’s year-level by the amount of credits they have taken and or transferred in. In other words, RIT rewards students with the highest amount of credits by increasing their year level. In short, students with higher year-levels enroll in classes earlier.

Here is RIT’s year by credit classifications, and how they correspond to students’ enrollment dates:

Year levelCredits for 1-4 year programsCredits for 5 year programsEnrollment day

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Other options

If you are unhappy with your enrollment date, you can do three things:

Enrollment resources

  • CSH Scheduler
    • Schedule Maker allows RIT students to plan their schedule for upcoming semesters. Users simply enter their course numbers and custom events and a list of all schedules that match their parameters will be shown. Because it is so easy and simple, Schedule Maker is now used by over 90% of RIT students.
  • Tiger Center with the Rate My Professor Browser Extension
    • “On Tiger Center, professors’ names will now link to their Rate My Professors page (or the search results if not found) instead of to their email. If you find yourself not trusting most Rate My Professor ratings, you can look at the most helpful rating instead which is chosen as the most recent rating with the most net upvotes (regardless of the overall quality given). This is different from the most helpful rating displayed on Rate My Professor which always has an awesome overall quality. Also, I encourage you to upvote the ratings you do like and to write your own to make the site better” – NeonCrayon1.
    • Chrome and FireFox


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Written by Olivia Gallucci

Olivia is an honors student at the Rochester Institute of Technology. She writes about security, open source software, and professional development.